The Day Sonny Died  by Onnie Kirk & Simone Kirk Boyd 

When three-year-old Sonny witnessed his father’s brutal murder, he didn’t know a curse haunting the men in his family was to blame. But his grandmother, Constance  Jackson, did. Five generations of Jackson men died untimely deaths. There was always hope. But would it be realized too late? The new novel written by Family Foundation Fund’s founder, Onnie Kirk, and his daughter, M. Simone Boyd, explores the soul wounds left when a father is absent. The book can be purchased online at Amazon, eGenCo, Barnes & Nobles, or checked out at the Nashville Public Library. 

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 In Search of Dad by Charles Newbold 

“When I read through the manuscript of this book, I gasped, “How could any man live up to the standards set forth here?” My answer. “Don’t even try. It’s impossible! But with God all things are possible.” The idea of this book is that we can’t, God can, so let us let Him — let us allow Him to do for us what He has set out to do anyway: call forth the dad within the man! Available for a donation of any amount 

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My Father! My Father!  by Sam Soleyn 

In the Kingdom of God, each person’s destiny is the playing out of that person’s unique identity as a son of God, regardless of gender, race, or background. To embrace one’s identity as a son, one must change his prevailing culture. In this season, God is building His House in the earth, with the relationship of fathers and sons as its foundation. Effecting cultural changes requires a trans-generational effort, in which a change in the culture is but one of the first steps of a long journey to reestablish, fully, the House of God. This journey is meant to reposition man in the relationship with God as Father, as God intended from the beginning. The purpose of repositioning humankind as sons and heirs to God is to establish the family of God on the earth and to display the love of God, through his sons, to all of creation. Whereas the destiny of each son of God is vitally important, the entire purpose of God can only, ultimately, be accomplished through the corporate form – the House of God. Available for a donation of any amount  

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