Intentional Fatherhood

Intentional Fatherhood   

Men as husbands and fathers are to provide an environment of love, peace, and security for their  families to thrive in.  

Through our Intentional Fatherhood series we help equip fathers with resources and understanding that will positively impact the lives of their families, sons, daughters, and community. We do this by providing Fatherhood retreats, workshops, and study guides for men to connect with others in the same walk of life through small group dynamics.  

Challenges To Fatherhood:  

Shame “I was never taught these things, whose going to help me”?  

Lack of Understanding “ I wasn’t aware I was supposed to do that “  

Anguish “ How did we get to this point”?   

Lack of Responsibility  “ I’ll let someone else deal with this”  

Lack of Community  “ Are there other men trying to figure this thing out”?  

The seemingly common trend among men we encounter in society is that they feel in some way lost or inadequate when it comes to fathering. Through Intentional Fatherhood  we utilize biblical based  fathering methods to provide men the understanding necessary to become competent, caring, and  capable husbands and fathers our families and communities desperately need.  Through The Intentional Fatherhood series we believe you will: 

  • Become more of the man and husband God has called you to be 
  • Feel confident in your ability to care for and support your family  
  • Have a greater understanding in the purpose that God has for your life 


I’ve had the pleasure of attending 2 Intentional Fatherhood weekends with plans to attend more in the future.  Each experience opened my eyes and my heart to God’s truth about what it means to be a father.  Onnie brings scripture to life and gives actionable insights on God’s intention for fathers.  The Family Foundation Fund is an invaluable resource to our community.

–Scott M., Nashville, TN


I’ve been privileged to be a dad of two adult children, Taylor and Mikayla, and the Biblical teaching I received from Onnie about my role as a father was insightful, with many new concepts I wish I had known earlier.

The importance of my spiritual covering over my children and my household, is one I now more fully understand. No matter the ages of your children, and even if you don’t have children, these Intentional Fatherhood teachings will encourage , challenge and convict you to walk more in line with your role as a spiritually Intentional father.

–Mark M., Brentwood, TN


It was such an amazing experience for me to go through the Intentional Fatherhood series. To see other men, all with different backgrounds and stories , all coming together to grow themselves into not only stronger fathers but stronger men of God. Learning how to father, what that means, to be the spiritual covering for your family, really brings a different perspective of how important your role as a father is learning that fatherhood goes further than just your own flesh and blood children, but to those who come to be your spiritual sons, you are responsible for not only their physical bodies, but their spiritual well- being. I am vey blessed to have had the opportunity to attend the series, and pray I can be the father God has called me to be.

–James B., Hendersonville, TN


The Intentional Fatherhood training helps men understand fully that Fathers Impart the Destiny of their children. The training sessions are based on Biblical truths and provide guidance that is not commonly taught in our culture or our churches. I highly recommend that all Fathers or would be Fathers attend this training and learn to practice the principles of being an Intentional Father.

–Mark P., Franklin, TN



Next Session Dates:   

August 23rd & 24th – The Chapel @ Grace Community


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