Through our education program we underwrite the cost for our program participants to attend private collegiate prep institutions and pair them with academic resources such as private tutors, specialized testing, ACT prep classes, and various other academic support services to make sure our students are on the right educational track. 

Our main educational objectives are to ensure that all of our sons are equipped with the educational resources needed to graduate high school and meet the academic requirements for various funding programs such as FAFSA, Tennessee Promise, Hope Scholarship, etc, for those looking to continue their educational journey. Educational statistics for the nation and specifically Tennessee, paint a grim picture. Fatherless children represent more than 73 % of high school dropouts on a national scale. Education is one of the primary tools that our participants utilize to better themselves and stop the cycle of generational poverty and illiteracy.

The purpose of this program is to continue to improve our program participants Reading Comprehension, English, and Mathematics, as well as standardize testing skills. Funds from our generous donors allow us to carry on in building on our educational resources. Our education program provides enrichment opportunities that give our sons tools to enhance their future success.