Become A Surrogate

An integral function of our program is matching a FFF son with a mature Christian man and his family, and becoming the surrogate father and family in the young man’s life. The surrogate father/family does not replace the biological father/family, but agrees to a multiyear commitment to the son and stands in the void left by the absentee father. This surrogate father-son relationship helps the young man understand his role as a male, a future husband, and as a father. The FFF son spends time with the surrogate father’s family, learning about family life and gaining new experiences and insight that are vital for his maturation. His surrogate father is intentionally involved in his education, athletics, family life, and most importantly his spiritual maturation. We have repeatedly seen sons and their families gain perspective and a healthier understanding of their relationship with the biological father through this surrogate relationship and often times this leads to healthier dynamics and family structure in the surrogate sons biological family. 

Download Become A Surrogate Application

All program participants and surrogate families are subject to background checks and a pre screening process.  

To find out more information on how to get involved email us at and fill out the application to begin screening process.